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Angela, Heart

Born with a life-threatening heart defect, Angela had open-heart surgery shortly after birth. Now she’s a thriving six-year-old.

Angela's Story
Walker, Heart Surgery

Born with just half a heart, Walker has endured three open-heart surgeries and a heart transplant.  Today, Walker is able to run and play with his brothers.

Walker's Story
Ivy, Cancer

Ivy isn’t quite ten years old but she’s already dealt with a leukemia diagnosis. After a difficult bone marrow donor search, a successful match was found and she’s now one-year post transplant.

Ivy's Story
Sawyer, Developmental Disorder

A little over age 2, Sawyer was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. His parents focus on the progress they’ve seen from him in recent years in part because of the team of support all around him.

Sawyer's Story
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Gracie was born with very severe heart defects that over the first two years of her life prevented her lungs from growing and left them very small. After receiving a surgery many said she would never live to get, she now plays T-ball and does gymnastics, activities no one thought possible.

Leah says she has always been anxious and her mental illness impacts her entire family. It also carries a stigma. “It’s something that real that people don’t understand. It’s like a monster—something in the back of your head,” Leah says.

When Blake's mom discovered her son had spina bifida, she knew she was in good hands. Now three years old, Blake is thriving and his parents are hopeful he will be able to walk soon with assistance.

When Banks was born four months premature, his parents sought the highest level of care possible to save his life. After being treated in our Newborn Intensive and Special Care Units, Banks grew strong — strong enough that, recently, he was finally able to go home.

Ivy isn’t quite ten-years-old but she’s already been diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Because Ivy is from a mixed race, the search for a bone marrow donor was difficult. At more than one year since her transplant, she’s had minimal complications.

At a little over age 2, Sawyer was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Sawyer is now 7 and his parents focus on the progress they have seen in Sawyer in recent years. In part because of the teachers, therapists and aides he works with, in part because they have learned how to best support Sawyer.

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Born with a life-threatening heart defect, Angela had open-heart surgery shortly after birth. Her parents were told she’d have to undergo the same surgery every year to replace the synthetic graft she received.

But because of our doctors, brave Angela became the first American to receive a new blood vessel – one that’s engineered from her own cells and built to grow as she does. We’re working to advance groundbreaking procedures like this every day. When you support Nationwide Children’s Hospital, you help kids everywhere.

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