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Fifty percent of lifetime mental illnesses happen before a child turns 14. Yet “mental illness” still carries a stigma for children and adults alike. Lets #starttheconvo and help break down mental and behavioral health barriers today.


Talk with your kids and encourage others to do the same. Help fight mental and behavioral health stigma by sharing your favorite conversation starter on social media with #starttheconvo.

of all lifetime mental illness start by age 14

Ask your kids their favorite joke. Or the best thing about school. Our experts have conversation topics to help you get started. Request our FREE magnet to keep handy in your home to #starttheconvo.

Request your magnet here.


Suicide is a leading cause of death among preteens and teenagers in the U.S. Only half of those children will get the treatment they need.

Denise is sharing her story to help raise awareness for kids’ mental health so we can reduce the stigma of these conditions — and you can help kids get the treatment they need.

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