Meet Christin.

Tethered Cord and Bi-lateral Duplicated Renal Systems
North Carolina

When Christin was five, her parents took her to the local doctor in North Carolina because they were not convinced their daughter “just” had the flu. They were right. Christin was dealing with something much bigger—bilateral duplicated renal systems.

Christin underwent surgeries to help correct her complicated kidney condition. But, when Christin remained ill, further tests revealed she had multiple issues. One in particular stood out. She had tethered cord, a condition where a spinal cord has limited movement, which can cause neurological and other symptoms as a child grows. Christin underwent surgery for her tethered cord and did pretty well afterward. But after four years of weekly hospital visits, Christin’s doctor told her mom that there wasn’t anything else they could do. That’s when she was referred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and to the care of Dr. Seth Albert and Dr. Marc Levitt of the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction.

Through changes in her treatment regimen, including surgeries for placement of a temporary and then permanent sacral nerve stimulator, Christin has met some major quality of life milestones. There is a long road ahead, including lengthy travel and more surgeries as she continues to grow. However, through the help of the experts at Nationwide Children’s, Christin is doing much better.

Today, this beautiful 10-year-old girl who loves to climb trees and play with dolls has also developed a fondness for fashion. Christin loves glitter and glam. No surprise—it matches the positive outlook she has maintained throughout the challenges she has faced and her hopeful view of the future.

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